No Appointment Required for Express Lane Service:  Oil changes, Tire rotation, Filters, Light Bulbs and State Inspections.  Walk in Service 8 AM - 11 AM, 1 PM - 4 PM Monday - Friday.  Saturday until 3 PM

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While everyone knows how important vehicle maintenance and repairs are, they somehow get pushed to side more often than they should be. If you keep forgetting to schedule the oil change on your Jeep Wrangler, you realized you needed to make an appointment for an inspection on your Dodge Journey well after closing, or your A/C decided to break in your Chrysler Pacifica and you want the next available time-slot, use our online scheduling tool whenever, day or night, and from wherever is most convenient for you.

Schedule Your Car Maintenance Or Repair With Ease

Here at Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, our full-service auto center is prepared to fix whatever regular maintenance or repair issue you may have. From simple tire rotations and brake pad replacements to harder engine and transmission repairs, our certified technicians are ready to get you safely back out onto the road. While we work, we also offer a wide array of amenities to our fellow Franklin MA, Attleboro, Mendon MA and other drivers. These include free wi-fi, drop-off service, Mopar accessories and performance parts, and even rental vehicles, if required.

The Most Common Repairs We Perform in Franklin, MA Are:

  • Brakes: Has it been a while since you last changed your brakes? If so, that can cause major (and dangerous) problems for you. No good can come from a vehicle that can't stop, so if you're a  been noticing that your Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger is taking longer to come to a complete stop then it used to, you really need to come in and see us. Your brakes will tell you when it's time to change them out as there are three common noises to look out for, squeaking, thumping, and grinding. Prolonged squeaking means that your brakes have hit their wear indicator, and need to be changed, while thumping can be indicative of a problem with a rotor. Grinding is the noise that causes the most alarm as it means that your pads have been completely worn down and all that's left is metal grinding on metal.
  • Oil Changes: Oil is what keeps your engine from overheating, and the longer it filters through your system, the more dirt particles it picks up, preventing it from working as well as it used to. Choose from conventional, synthetic-blend, or full synthetic from our service department.
  • Battery and Ignition Issues: Typically car batteries can last anywhere between two to five years, and there's nothing worse than being late for work only to discover that you have a dead battery that you've been putting off changing for the last six months. We also do other ignition issues like spark plug and starter replacements for customers around Attleboro and Mendon MA.
  • State Inspections: We do Massachusetts state inspections for all vehicles that come through our service center. We understand that it's no fun to take time out of your busy schedule to undergo a lengthy inspection, but the end goal is to ensure that our Norwood and Worcester customers are safe and secure every time they get behind the wheel.
  • Coolant Systems: Has your temperature gauge been hovering around the high mark recently? If so, it's important for you to come and see us before the increased heats causes any long-term (and expensive) damage.

Feel free to schedule your auto service appointment using our online scheduling tool from the comfort of your Norwood or Worcester home and then stop by our Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership, located near Boston, at the specific date and time that you have chosen. If you have had your vehicle serviced with us before, simply enter your phone number, email address or VIN to begin. If this is your first time with us, select the "I am a new customer" box and we will ask you a few questions about your contact and vehicle information before we help you find the perfect appointment for your busy schedule. Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us or visit our Franklin, MA, car dealership today!