Dash Light On?

You want your Christmas tree all lit up, but not your dash. Below is your guide to what each light means.

Check Engine Light:
This light illuminates when your car is in the Run position but should turn off when the car is started. If it doesn't, then the computer is telling you that you may have a problem affecting fuel economy, emissions, or drive ability. You can still drive with the light on, but you should visit us sooner rather than later.

Flashing Check Engine Light:
If your light is flashing after you start the vehicle, then the computer is telling you catalytic converter damage is imminent, and you may experience a loss of power or irreversible damage.

Tire Pressure Warning Light:
This light illuminates when the sensor that is built into each of your wheels senses that there is low pressure in the tire. Low pressure could be caused by a bad seal at the rim, metal in the tire, or a cold snap (cold air exerts less pressure than hot air). Visit us soon so you don't damage your tire or cause a blowout.
Tire Pressure Warning Light 

Flashing Tire Pressure Light:
A flashing tire pressure light indicates that your system needs to be serviced. This may illuminate because a sensor is broken or the whole system is giving false readings. Don't wait too long to fix this because you're flying blind about the pressure in your tires. Driving on a tire without enough air in it can ruin it.

Oil Change Required Light:
This light will illuminate when your vehicle is ready to be serviced and it's time to have the old oil drained and fresh oil put into your motor. Ignoring this light for long enough can cause damage to your motor down the road. Note: different vehicles use different indicator lights.

Oil Pressure Warning Light:
This light indicates your motor is operating without sufficient lubrication. Driving any distance with this light on can do EXTREME damage to your engine and turn a minor problem into a major one.
Oil Light 

Charging System Light:
This light indicates that your vehicle's charging system is not working properly. Drive with this
light on and you can end up stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery.
 Charging System Light
Coolant Temperature Warning Light:
This light means your coolant system is running low on coolant (antifreeze). This means your engine is also running at a higher than normal temperature which can lead to internal engine problems. You might be able to crawl the vehicle to the dealership but it is recommended you don't drive with the light on to keep from damaging your motor.

 Coolant Temperature Light 
Transmission Temperature Warning Light:

This light indicates your vehicle's transmission is running at a higher than normal operating temperature. Ignoring this light can cause your transmission to overheat and damage internal parts.
 Transmission Temperature Warning Light