Tire Changes and Tire Repair Services Near Attleboro

When it comes to your vehicle you shouldn't leave anything up to chance. Ensuring you have the proper tires equipped to your car, truck, or SUV is crucial to ensuring your protected and safe on the roads. We're proud of our positive reputation here at Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram which is why we give our best effort to maintain our well regarded presence here in the Franklin, MA area by providing a well-rounded and streamlined automotive service center.

Tire Changing Service

We're Your Automotive and Tire Professionals

Don't make the mistake of going with a dealer that provides lackluster effort. Our staff are factory trained and will ensure the genuine quality tires are fitted snug and properly. Looking for a new set of tires? No problem, we've got you covered! How about minor damage repair after a recent flat? Once again, you've come to the right place! Our mechanics will have your vehicle in and out of our onsite service center as soon as we can. That's our promise!


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Common Tire Questions

As go-to tire experts, we figure it's our duty to give our expert advice when it comes to anything automotive related. Here's a short list of some of the most common questions we receive here at our dealership regarding tire maintenance.

Why is tire rotation important?

Tire rotation is important to those drivers looking to save money (so pretty much everyone!). Without proper tire alignment, your tires won't wear evenly leading to poor traction. That's not all though- having tires that aren't aligned will cost you down the road, as you'll generally need to replace the one, some, or all of the tires sooner than if your vehicle had been appropriately aligned in the first place.

What a is tire rotation?

Simply put, tire rotation is the swapping of tires from one position to another on your vehicle to ensure each tire is getting the appropriate amount of wear and tear.

Why should I balance my tires?

Balancing your tires will ensure there's as little vibration and residual movement from traveling over the road. Who doesn't enjoy a smoother ride!

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