2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited SUVJeep Grand Cherokee Limited SUV

What do we know about what's coming in 2022 for the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It will be completely new, built off the Giorgio platform that underpins Alfa Romeo's Stelvio and Guilia.  Although the Stelvio and Guilia aren't known for their off-road capabilities, they drive exceptionally well and have fantastic handling. If you don't believe me, take one for a ride! The Jeep engineers do 'off road' better than anyone, so we can be guaranteed that the 2022 Grand Cherokee will be fully Jeep capable, with Trail Rated versions.  There is a three-row seating model in development that will arrive first, followed by a two-row model.  We expect to receive our first all-new Grand Cherokees around May 2021.

2020 Grand Cherokee 3.6L V6 Engine2020 Grand Cherokee 3.6L V6 Engine

2022 Engine Choices

It's a reasonable bet that the standard engine will be the 2.0L Turbo which is now standard in the Wrangler since the 2020 model year. This engine delivers better fuel economy than the Pentastar 3.6L V6 (which will likely become optional), and is more fun to drive.  With similar 0-60 times, the turbo four feels livelier and more responsive. Other optional engines will likely include a plug-in hybrid (already scheduled to launch as the 4Xe on the Wrangler in late 2020), and a Hemi, as well as high-performance engines for SRT versions.

3.0L Inline Six Rumors…  This engine is supposedly under development as a high-performance engine to one day replace the Hemi motors as a performance alternative.  It is highly unlikely that this engine will be available for the launch of the next-generation of the Grand Cherokee, but will likely be introduced later in the product cycle.

There will likely be larger screens available than the current 8.4". A 10.1 inch screen will be available in higher trim series.  This larger screen is already coming online with the 2021 Dodge Durango. When it comes to screen size, bigger is usually better.

Grand Cherokee Touchscreen7-inch TouchscreenGrand Cherokee Touchscreen8.4-inch Touchscreen

Maybe the biggest news for the 2021 Grand Cherokee is that there will be a 7 passenger version available for the first time ever!

People say 'Wrangler is Jeep,' and they are right from a marketing viewpoint. It's the quintessential representation of the Jeep Brand. But I would argue that the Grand Cherokee is at least as important to Jeep, and we expect that the redesign we be taken very seriously.  Expect the 2022 Grand Cherokee to be best-in-class.

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