Putting on your Jeep Wrangler’s Soft Top

What you need:

  • Heated garage or 72F+ degrees.
  • Soft top
  • Tail gate bar (usually attached to the soft top)
  • 2 Door Surrounds for the rear doors
  • 2 rails that go over the front doors
  • 4 long knobs with threaded bolt
  • 2 short knobs with threaded bolt
  • 4 Torx bolts that attach the soft top to the roll bar
  • 2 tail gate retainer clips

1. Open the rear door surround such that it forms an L shape. Open the rear door and insert the bottom of the door surround into the rear body. The pin in the surround attaches to the body. The surround should now rest in the channel following the shape of the door.


2. Screw in one of the long rear knobs into the surround until it catches the thread. Do not tighten the screw.

3. Now install the front rail. The back of the rail rests on top of the rear door surround. Make sure the clip that goes around the roll bar does not catch any of the roll bar wrapping material. Be careful not to rip or disturb any of the weather seals. Finally, screw in a long knob into the front rail, but do not tighten it.

4. Take the short knob and screw it into the middle of the rear surround and the front rail. Pinch the two surrounds together (as shown) to align the holes with the body. Do not tighten fully.

5. Now tighten all three screws as follows: front, rear, middle. Do this until it is nice and tight.

6. Now repeat steps 1-5 for the other side

7. Next, install the rear sail panel retainer clips on the body of the vehicle. These are used to pull the rear window taught.


8. Get ready to put your soft top in. Open the tailgate. It is a good idea to have a helper.

9. Place the top in the back of the Jeep. The two inner arms will rest on top of the roll bar, while the two outer arms go outside of the left and right roll bars.

10. Lift up one end of the soft top and put the inner arm inside the roll bar material where there is a Velcro slot. This means that the inner arm is now on the passenger side of the roll bar.

11. The other side is a bit more difficult to get in. I found it easier to slide the soft top away from the arm that is not in yet and then force the inner metal bar around the roll bar.

12. Two torx screws per arm need to be screwed in. Make sure that no material is in the way.

13. Remove the soft top cover and tail gate bar (if attached to the top). Do not install the rear tail gate bar until you have attached it to the rear window.

14. Refer to the video above "Raising The Soft Top" to finish the complete installation of your Jeep Wrangler's soft top.

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