When you see this symbol, you are getting the best lease available.  With Planet's Real Lease™, you can count on full transparency and the best deal around.  Most dealers advertise a ridiculously low payment, but don't tell you about thousands and thousands of dollars in down payments, special rebates (must be returning a competitive make lease, for example) and tons of hidden charges.  A cheap monthly lease payment isn't a very good deal if it takes $6000 out of your pocket before you can drive away.  With Planet's Real Lease™, you get a low price AND no ugly surprises.

Planet's Real Lease™                                                           
Their Lease

✅  Up-front bank fees included Extra cost-up to $995
✅  Zero down Payment Often $3,000-5,000
✅  Document Fees Included Usually $400-500
Zero Security Deposit Extra Cost
First payment due at signing $$$ Thousands out of your pocket!
Includes incentives everyone can use Uses special rebates only a few qualify for to artificially lower the payment