Winter in the Boston, MA area can make your drive a bit of a mess. Between harrowing road conditions and plummeting temperatures, there's little about winter that isn't a challenge for your vehicle. With a good set of winter tires, however, you can give your Jeep® Grand Cherokee or Chrysler Pacifica the extra edge it needs to be more surefooted on winter roads around Worcester, MA and Providence, RI.

Why should you get snow tires in the Boston, MA area?

Winter tires are ideal for Boston, MA weather because they're made of a special rubber compound that makes them more flexible on cold pavement than other seasonal tires. Added flexibility makes it easier for them to gain traction on wintry roads.

They also have deeper, wider tread patterns, which is essential for carving through snow and slush. Snow tires can give your car the extra stability and traction it needs in winter, so making the tire swap is an important part of car maintenance around Worcester, MA if you're eager to enjoy a more confident driving experience.

Why is now a good time to get snow tires?

Winter tires aren't just for snow. They're made to provide better traction on cold pavement as well. So, it's a good idea to make the switch here at our service center in Franklin, MA as temperatures start to fall. Getting winter tires before snow starts to fall is also a good idea.

Can I drive on winter tires all year?

No, we wouldn't recommend it. Since winter tires are softer, they wear down faster if you drive around Attleboro, MA on warm roads. If you want to get the most out of your tires, it's best to switch them back when the weather starts to warm up. We'll be here to make sure your car has the right tires for the season.

How do I schedule a tire change?

We can swap your tires for you here at our service center serving Mendon, MA and Norwood, MA. Need a new set of winter tires? We can help you find the right fit. Schedule service online or give us a call today to get started!

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