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Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Ford Escape

Planet’s Executive Summary

Both are designated as “compact crossovers.” Built on car platforms (rather than truck frames) they offer compliant handling with light off-road capability. Jeep offers more rugged off-road and towing performance, and offers a hard core Trailhawk edition for more serious rock hopping. Descended from the Focus, Escape offers zippier handling.

Both are available with front wheel drive or four wheel drive. (Here we compared the 4WD versions).

Both have standard 3 year, 36,000 mile comprehensive warranty; Ford’s powertrain is only 5/60 compared to Jeep’s 5/100.

It’s hard to beat a Jeep sport utility vehicle; they’ve been building them since World War II. It’s just cool to drive a Jeep. Ford is better known for Mustangs and pickups.

Cherokee is a little bigger, especially front-to-rear:

  • Cherokee is one inch wider.
  • Cherokee is four inches longer.
  • They are the same height.


Cargo Space

Escape has slightly more volume.


  • 68 cubic feet (seats down)
  • 34 cubic feet (seats up)


  • 55 cubic feet (seats down)
  • 25 cubic feet (seats up)

Passenger Volume:

Cherokee is roomier inside for people.

  • 98 Cubic Feet

  • 104 Cubic Feet

Ground Clearance:

Both ride high enough for winter conditions and moderate off road driving.
For serious rock hopping, Jeep offers Trailhawk model with 8.7 inches.

7.9 inches

7.7 inches

Standard Engine and acceleration

Ford uses turbocharger to generate significant power from smaller engine, but acceleration lags Cherokee. Turbocharged engines are more reliable than they used to be, but typically have higher maintenance and repair costs than normally aspirated engines.

  • 1.6 liter turbocharged in-line four cylinder with 178 horsepower

0-60mph: 9.3 seconds

  • 2.4 liter in-line
    four cylinder
    with 184 horsepower

0-60mph: 8.8 seconds

Fuel Economy

In exchange for less performance, Escape offers better gas mileage.

  • Six speed
    automatic transmission
  • AWD: 22 city, 30 hwy

  • Nine speed
    automatic transmission
  • AWD: 21 city, 28 hwy

Need some extra go-go?

2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder with six speed automatic transmission

  • Horsepower: 240
  • 21 city, 28 highway
  • 0-60 time: 6.8 seconds

3.2 liter V6 with nine speed automatic transmission

  • Horsepower: 271
  • 19 city, 27 highway
  • 0-60 mph 6.6 seconds

Outward Visibility

Escape’s narrower rear windows and short rear window create blind spots compared to clear glass in Cherokee.

Huge Power Moonroof

Both offer optional panoramic power moonroofs. Both have two pieces of glass connected by a bar in the middle.

Towing Capacity

1.6 L engine: 2,000 lbs
2.0 L engine: 2,000 lbs

2.4L engine: 2,000 lbs
3.2L engine: 4,000 lbs

Purchase and Ownership Experience

You can buy a new Cherokee at Planet, but not a new Ford.

Typical Dealership

Your Undealership

Price Comparably equipped




In Small Overlap Crash Tests by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Escape performs poorly. Cherokee is named “Top Safety Pick.”

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